Riverside Men's Golf Association

Tip #2 - In this picture, Dan shows us an example of a common driving/parking habit on the cart path.  Sometimes it just doesn't occur to us that the cart being partially on the path can cause damage.  Those faded spots near the path get there for a reason (tire tracks), and we'd like to grow those back up.  Good tip here Dan, and we'll keep our carts on the road.

Tip #3 - Hey Dan!  I'm in a bare lie out on the course, what gives?  Let's face it, we're all going to get a less than perfect lie on the course once in a while, but let's have 'em less often.  Dan's final tip is with those bare spots out on the course.  Typically, these areas will see week after week of cart traffic (even with walkers & push carts), and they're easy to spot.  We can limit these by keeping carts/traffic on the path, and just driving around the bare spots...instead of over them.  Dan says, let's give these spots time to recover, and soon they'll be back to a healthy green!


Be a responsible golf cart driver, and help keep your golf course looking great with our tips from Dan.  Some day you may end up in your own bare spot.

Tip #1 - This is Riverside's hole number 5, near the putting green.  There is some room between the putting green and greenside sand trap, but not enough for a golf cart.  Let's keep the carts on the path, versus the example above.